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Our tools ensure you are continuously aware of what is going on with your own as well as competitor ranges. This enables you to act on the most up-to-date market data and make the right informed decisions. Find out more on our services page, or contact us without obligation.


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What's the retail price for your products? What are the market price history and movements for your own and competitor ranges? We check every product on the market, from top brands to private label, using online and (offline) shop checking. Our daily email updates and access to the Pricing Tool will keep you constantly in the know, and meaningful price comparisons don't take up your valuable time.


In search for an overview of all promotions in one particular category? How about being able to export all relevant brochure updates for the current week? We check all promotions, both in brochures and online. Use our Promotool to view and export all the data up to EAN level for data linking and analysis. Our brochure search tool delivers full information regarding brochure updates, both current and historical.


Is your content management actually running efficiently? Content is an important driver of conversion. In an age where online retail is booming, content checking is more important than ever. Our Content Tool delivers a snapshot of all relevant online product content. So you can tell right away if the wrong image is being displayed, or if, for instance, the product text or ingredients need adjusting. We even track all changes, so you don't have to do.


Which categories can someone find your products under? What is the product ranking compared to the competition, if someone uses a certain search term? Product positioning has a major impact on online sales. Our Positioning Tool delivers a clear impression of your product's positioning in online shops. This will give insight into how quickly someone finds your product when using category filters or entering a search query.

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Personal contact and service are hallmarks of our approach. We make a difference, thanks to our many years of technical expertise and knowledge of the market. This is reflected in the form of high-quality data, checked continuously and available for immediate use. We'd love to learn how we can be of service to your organization!

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