Promotion Data

We make sure you are up to date on promotions of the running week and all activities from the recent past, both online and in leaflets. By linking this data to sales figures, we also help customers in assessing promotion effectiveness.


Promotion Tool

Gain insights into where, when, and how promotions have been executed by retailers historically, or check what promotions are active today. Search by brand or category and customize the output according to your preference, from visual flyers to precise SKU data.

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Promo Analyzer

The Promo Analyzer enables you to efficiently analyze the impact of promotions by linking base, subsidized, and incremental sales to promotional activities like for example leaflet placement.

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Do you have a specific need? We would love to hear what your requirements are! We have set up numerous custom reports, tool integrations, and data feeds to address specific challenges for our clients.

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Data quality
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Intuitive and
user-friendly tools
Efficient data collection 
and analysis
Customer-centric solutions
and service
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