Pricing Intelligence

Price management solutions for retailers


Pricing Intelligence

Through our measurements and data integrations, we assist retailers in their price management. We offer direct insight in price distances with the competition and offer the tools for direct price adjustments.

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Custom link database
Integration management
Custom exports and tools
Price management software
Custom environment per user

Qualitative price measurements and product links, combined with a retailer’s set of pricing rules, enables insight in the price positioning of the retailer and the generation of price recommendations.

Our solutions to retailers are always tailored and heavily dependent on the retailer's requirements in terms of product linking management, the data needed for price decisions and how the organization is structured regarding price mutation management.
We offer software for product linking management, but also provide comprehensive support through our own operation.
Price management is facilitated through raw data files, custom exports, or data feeds including integrations and tools that allow for direct price monitoring and adjustment.

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Intuitive and
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Efficient data collection 
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Customer-centric solutions
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