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At a time when transport is becoming more expensive and raw materials scarcer, price increases are very much on the agenda. But how does this actually translate into reality in Dutch supermarkets? Which categories and brands are subject to price movements, and how does Private Label compare to the top brands? Do rising costs translate into rising prices for end-users?

IPV Data Supermarket Trends Report 2022

IPV Data has been the market leader in checking supermarket pricing in the Netherlands since 2010. At the beginning of each new year and quarter, we provide a retrospective view of price movements in the market, through the Supermarket Trends Report, and therefore answers to these questions.

Which insight do we deliver?

The report provides unique trend insights into price increases and decreases across the entire supermarket category tree. Pricing trends in headline categories such as fresh products, frozen food and dairy, down to deeper subcategories such as lager beer, oral care and pasta sauce, are set out clearly and broken down into the underlying brands and private labels. The report contains more than 200 pages of data and includes millions of price checks with insights for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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