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We are IPV Data, founded 12 years ago by Matthijs Neppelenbroek and Thijs van der Tuin, to provide suppliers, retailers and research agencies with more efficient insight into pricing, promotions and e-commerce data. With the help of our team, numbering more than 25 professional people, we help companies with reports, tools and custom-made solutions to optimise their decision-making. We are active throughout Europe, and are the no. 1 partner for price and promotions checking in the Benelux.

Operating since 2010

Matthijs and Thijs have been friends since secondary school. In 2010, we started supplying information about price increases at Albert Heijn. While studying in Utrecht, we frequently noticed how grocery prices fluctuated at the supermarket. We were fascinated by this. And especially the question of whether there was some system behind it. And if so, what? And that is what gave rise to IPV data.

Pricing fluctuations

Our IT background meant we were able to scrape (extract) pricing information from the Albert Heijn website. This allowed us to investigate this phenomenon further. What did we find? From strawberries to German sausage, from cleaning products to soup: prices fluctuate. Sometimes it depends on the season, but often it's because of promotions in supermarkets, too. A fascinating new world was opening up before us! And we wanted to share what we found.

Website launch

We launched the Inprijsverhoogd.nl website. At the time, that name was a response to the AH call to action phrase 'Reduced in price'. Customers were automatically getting information from us about product price increases via Twitter. And a link in the Twitter feed led them to more information about the price movement on the Inprijsverhoogd.nl website.

Expansion to become IPV data

Many visitors were returning to our website every day. And we even attracted coverage in the national press. Friends and acquaintances pointed out the professional potential of our database, and this was also clear from the reactions coming from the marketplace. Our initiative, having started out as a bit of fun, turned into something totally serious. Inprijsverhoogd.nl became IPV data.


We don't feel the need for some grand mission statement.
Just this:

  • our enthusiasm and curiosity remain unchanged from the outset,
  • we have become a strong company,
  • what we (still) seek is: enjoying work, continuous development and innovation,
  • within an interesting combination of IT, products, customers and manufacturers,
  • through personal contact,
  • and in a familiar arena (because everyone goes shopping),

Customer contact and customisation, market strength, IT as a tool.

An impression of our working method:

  • Customer relations: what professionals demand is pivotal for us. This means: speed, accuracy and reliability. We offer customization and favor direct contact with great partnerships and service. Satisfied customers are our reward.

  • • Compact, complete, rapid and versatile: we work in conjunction with professionals in several specialist areas. We look after core activities ourselves: scraping and supplying product and price data, and maintaining the systems and algorithms while continuing to develop them. Our technical background means we can respond to specific customer requests and do so quickly.

  • IT: we use scraping, matching, online/offline information, algorithms, and build everything in-house. Since 2011, we have continued to develop the Inprijsverhoogd system in order to be able to serve the professional side of IPV data. System development and innovation is ongoing.

Coupled with our many years of experience and the availability of huge amounts of historical price information, this ensures a powerful and distinctive position in the market.


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